Great swim meet!

    Good evening, Blazers!

    We had a great start to the season!  It was a record for the fastest meet ever!  We appreciate the enthusiasm from everyone and cooperation as we navigate this season. It was different not having another team there swimming with us, but it was great to have all of the kids back in the water!

    For the meet this Thursday, please remember to only park in a parking spot or on the side of the road. We cannot park in the grass or block any driveways.  We also ask that you not allow your child to bring silly string to the pool. It is very hard to clean that up after it gets wet on the pool deck.  

    We will have our bullpen area set up in the same location for the remainder of the season. This will make things easier for everyone.  Please remember that the meet goes much faster now, so we need to be able to get to all of the swimmers quickly. 

    Volunteer spots are posted and ready for you to sign up. We will be adding a few extra timers and a Time Verification position. We appreciate all of your help with making our meet run smoothly!

    Please feel free to reach out to me or Coach Christy if you need anything. 

    Thank you!

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