Meet Tomorrow and Fun Thursday

    Hello Blazers!

    Tomorrow we will have practice in the morning during our normal times and then have our last meet tomorrow night. Please arrive at 4:45 pm so we can start warm ups at 5 pm. We still need some volunteers for this meet! Thank you to all of our parent volunteers that have already worked and are working this meet! We can't run a smooth meet without you all!

    Our theme for our meet is for Jessica Dollar; so wear your black and white to support her fight against Paraganglioma Cancer. We will be collecting funds for her at the concession stand during the meet. Her GoFundMe Link is: www.gofundme.com/bless-our-jess.

    Our menu for this weeks meet is walking tacos (taco salad), hotdogs, nachos, mac n cheese, and watermelon. A portion of the concession stand proceeds will also go to Jessica Dollar.

    We will also have our senior spotlight swim before our Individual Medley event #37 for our 2020 and 2021 seniors at the meet!

    On Thursday morning at 9 am, we will have our Fun Thursday with yummy donuts and juice! Our Fun Thursday is sponsored by Lisa Vernon Realty. Thank you Lisa for being a team sponsor! 

    See you all tomorrow!

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